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Michael Stecher



Michael Stecher

Tel.: +49 (0)761 203-3728
Raum: 02012


Research Interests


The multitude of severe environmental problems in the world presents a serious challenge for society – how can we facilitate the transition to socially just and ecologically sustainable development? For me, interdisciplinary economic analysis is the tool of choice for finding answers to this question.

My current focus lies on quantifying intertemporal responsibility for regime shifts in ecosystems as part of the marEEshift project. In particular, I investigate how different ecosystem states can be attributed to past actions of various agents and the implications this has for optimal governance structures.

Over the course of my studies, I have developed a strong interest in the fields of growth theory, climate change economics, and panel data analysis.



since 10/2019

PhD Candidate, Chair of environmental economics and resource management, University of Freiburg

10/2016 - 04/2019

M. Sc. Economics (Double Degree), University of Tübingen

Master’s thesis: Sustainable Economic Development in times of potentially catastrophic climate change – can technology save us?

02/2017 - 11/2017

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Economics, University of Adelaide

Honours thesis: A systematic approach to modelling the impact of economic growth on the environment.

10/2012 - 02/2016

B. A. International Business Studies, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Bachelor’s thesis: Economic effects of car scrappage premiums – an empirical analysis.

09/2014 - 04/2015

Exchange student at the University of Victoria, BC


Work Experience

10/2019 - present Researcher, Chair of Environmental Economics and Resource Management, University of Freiburg
05/2019 - 07/2019 Scientific Assistant, Dean’s Office, University of Tübingen

07/2018 - 03/2019 Student Assistant, Academic Advisory Service, University of Tübingen







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